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Chaussettes Stance Sonora (snowboard)


Chaussettes Stance Sonora (snowboard)


Chaussettes Stance

modèle: Sonora (snowboard)

matériel : 16% acrylic, 33% polester, 15% elastane, 9% elastic, 8% cotton, 3% nylon, 16% wool

medium=6 à 8.5

large=9 à 12

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Chaussettes Stance Sonora (snowboard)

Stance is an American sock and underwear brand founded in 2009 by Jeff Kearl, John Wilson, Aaron Hennings, Ryan Kingman and Taylor Shupe. Stance is headquartered in San Clemente, California. As of March 2015, the company had sold over 36 million pairs of socks and raised $100 million in venture capital.

In early January 2015, Stance began raising $50 million to fund their expansion into the underwear market. They raised an additional $30 million from Mercato Partners and other investors in April 2016.

Stance was named the official sock of the NBA in April 2015.

Stance was also named the official sock of the MLB in May 2016.

Genre / Sexe