Nouveau brand disponible en boutique / Cozy . . Silas & Reggie met on December 12th, 2013 at HYPEBEAST headquarters in Hong Kong. During this visit there were many similar values shared between the pair. One of those being the love for everything cozy. During that time, we were trolling one another’s sneaker pictures on Instagram by over-enthusiastically proclaiming how “COZY” the sneakers and sweats were. e.g. “OMG DEM FLYKNITS ARE RIDICULOUSLY COZY BRUH!!! #OMGOZY #FLYKNITOZY #TEAMCOZY #BROILOVEYOUOZY”. From there, we decided to create @team_cozy for the fun of it. We created language for anyone who were comfort enthusiasts, automatically it all became #teamcozy. Our team was assembled slowly over time, and kids from all over the world were tagging #teamcozy and submitting high-quality sneaker imagery. Toronto was a big player, where we came across Jamal, Elie, Tyler, and Q. Later on Johnny & Michael from Chicago jumped on board. We were a large global community of photographers that loved sneakers, fashion, and all things cozy.

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